Thursday, 9 October 2008

Mason Wyler

In the past few days, a story about the handsome Texan porn star Mason Wyler has been generating a lot of interest among gay bloggers. The story, that Mason was violently raped by a decorated Iraq war veteran began with blog entries from Mason Wyler himself, which can be found here, and on his MySpace, here.

There seems to be a lot of debate over whether his claims are true, or part of an attention seeking, PR exercise. If you want to understand why, read on...

The story runs that Mason lost his wallet and house keys. On Saturday 4th October, he posted a blog entry, offering a "handsome" reward for their return. The post in question can be found here. In it, Mason describes his wallet, and where he lost it. He also highlights the fact that the wallet contains his driver's license, home address and photographs, and it was with the keys to his house when he lost it. The post begins with a picture of Mason reclining on a bed, and then features a picture of him sucking Cody Cummings' cock, before ending the post with:

I'd be more than willing to give you a handsome reward. Any ideas of what that reward should be?

The story continues less than 24 hours later, when Mason published a mock newspaper article, written by himself, describing the brutal ordeal he faced when he was gang raped by an army captain who found, and returned Mason's wallet and house keys that day. Complete with a photo of Wyler with blackened eye, sobbing into a tissue. In the mock article, Mason describes a rape scene in which he's tortured, drugged, gang raped, bareback, by an ex army captain and his friends at gunpoint over the course of several hours, who beat him to the point that he loses consciousness, and force him to drink urine.

Any fan can confirm that Mason has published rape scenario erotica before. He's also well known for appearing in niche films featuring bondage, watersports, and bareback sex. The difference? In these instances, it was Mason's choice to participate. While many people believe this to damage his claims, it doesn't detract from the fact that even the most ordinarily pleasurable sexual activity becomes rape if it's not consensual.

The day after this mock article, Mason posts again, to tell us that he'd changed certain facts in the story, and yes he'd made some of it up... but it did really happen! In this post, Mason goes into yet more detail about his ordeal. He goes on to describe mistreatment by the police and medical professionals. Alarmingly, Mason goes on to tell us that after fingerprinting his house, the police had discarded the fingerprinting tapes in his trash, and not one of the drops of blood on the floor had been swabbed, to match with his attacker's DNA.

Not one of the drops of the blood looked as if they had been swabbed for samples... something I thought the police would want to match with the DNA taken from my hole.

The third post in as many days that Mason posted about his ordeal makes several confessions about how he'd photoshopped his name into the police reports, and withheld or changed information. But once again, Mason asserts that the events he described really did happen. Several new elements are added to the allegations, such as the fact that he began chatting to his attacker online several months previously. And that he'd let his attacker tie him up voluntarily, but his consensual partner became his rapist when he pushed the boundaries too far. Mason claims that his boyfriend was raped by the attacker. He also admits that he changed the dates of the alleged attack, which was why time-frames weren't adding up. He expands on the alterations, and his reasons for doing so in this post.

Mason attempts to convince his fans, and his haters, that he was indeed raped, by posting this article by AVN on his blog. As many have pointed out, the same people who helped spread the false rumour of Michael Lucas' death, in a PR stunt for a new movie (read about that here, if you're bored).

So is this a PR stunt, meet-gone-bad, or a brutal and unprovoked rape? I have a feeling that only Wyler himself knows the answer to that question.

I hope that Mason is making it up, really, and that this is all some fantasy that's been taken too far. The alternative is that he's the victim of an horrific crime, and I wouldn't wish that on anybody. Whatever the case, many people are offering sympathy to Mason on his blogs, and I have no doubt that he needs it at this time. Understandably, many people who have themselves been the victims of rape are angry at the possibility that this is nothing more than a PR stunt.

While this idea appears to anger Mason and his partner, I think that they should be aware that the absence of news coverage for what some people would consider to be a high profile rape case is the basis for most people's argument that the event has been staged.

I'm normally a fan, but tonight I think I'll be using something else as wank fodder. It just wouldn't feel right, objectifying a victim...


David said...

I have to admit, I was very skeptical of this story as well. It just doesn't add up. For someone who's been through the process he remains uninformed of many facts, and it shows in his writings. Times don't add up, facts are added and changed repeatedly.

I like sexual fantasies, and role playing, and have on many occasions found rape role play exciting. But I never claimed that it was true, or that I was a victim of a crime.

Like you said though, we may be wrong and he may be hurting now. No matter how much I doubt it. And if we are, Mason, you have my sympathy too!

Mima said...

if this is true, i feel for that poor guy. if its not, sick.

Aamyko said...

very strange and quite sad.

David said...

The plot deepends. Mason's boyfriend is now posting "proof" on his blog, in the form of heavily censored bank statements to prove where they live, and police statements (anonymous) of the alleged rape.

"I was raped too" and several attacks launched at those who disbelieve.


Butt Muncha said...

As this post is generating a lot of interest, I just want to make it absolutely clear that I'm not insinuating that the events Mason described in his personal blog didn't happen, more highlighting the reasons people give for questioning them, and Mason's response in his blog posts.

There has been a lot of talk as to whether the allegations are true, or part of a PR/attention seeking exercise across many blogs, including the comments section of Mason's own blog. Many people couldn't understand why this would be, and that is what I've attempted to address here.

As I said, I do hope that this is all a PR stunt, or some runaway lie, because rape is a horrible, horrible reality to have to face. However, I don't know the two guys affected by this case, and I so can't pass any judgement there. If it is true, my heart goes out to Mason and Marcus.