Friday, 11 July 2008

Holding Trevor

Trevor Holden has just witnessed his boyfriend, Darrell, overdose on heroin--again. As Darrell's oldest friend, Trevor feels a responsibility to help Darrell in his latest attempt at sobriety, much to the dismay of his own best friends, Jake and Andie. But, when Darrell starts using again, Trevor is finally ready to call it quits. And just when he does, he meets the ever-so-charming Ephram. Simply being everything that Darrell is not immediately wins Ephram a number of points, but Ephram accepts a job thousands of miles away in New York City, and he wants Trevor to go with him. Now, what started out as Trevor's own personal existential journey turns into a path that will lead him to what is most important: himself. Holding Trevor is continually poignant, relentlessly self-deprecating, and just the type of cerebral dark comedy that can speak directly to the 20-somethings of today while letting other generations in on the joke. (from

Occasionally a gay-themed movie that's worth it's salt crops up. I'm thinking Presque Rien, Brokeback Mountain, The Bubble. I had hoped that Holding Trevor (2007) would be one such movie. I wasn't entirely disappointed. The 88 minutes running time weren't wholly unpleasant, the passable performance from some generally likeable characters helped. I can't help but feel that had the plot been a little more focused and developed that the result would have been a great movie. But it was the eye-candy that kept me glued to my seat throughout, and after all, is that not what we have all come to expect from gay-themed movies? Here's the spoiler, and one of the scenes which kept me entertained for almost an hour and a half.

Would I watch it again? If I weren't in company and had my trousers around my ankles, definitely.

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