Friday, 25 July 2008


Starcrossed is an atmospheric story of Darren & Connor who's relationship develops into something more then society could ever handle. Unable to deny there feelings for each other the two brothers try to hide there relationship from an unkind world but fail. The boys decide that a world that can't understand them is a world that's not for them.' (from the official website)

To Call Starcrossed a short movie would be an understatement. The playtime rolls in at barely 13 minutes, but boy -- what an eventful 13 minutes they are. The film is concise, beautifully written, shot, directed and acted. Addressing the issue of incest will always be controversial, and because of that this short had the potential to turn into a softcore fetish movie. But with Starcrossed, we are taken on a beautiful yet brutal journey to explore and understand the love between these two men. From the opening to the closing scene, a delight to watch. If you haven't already, I urge you to watch it.

Now if they'd only make a feature out of it...

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Anonymous said...

Its really difficult to get a copy of this film. You can see it at

If you enjoyed it dont give up on trying to get a copy and recommend it to your friends. Maybe then the studio will release a feature version.