Monday, 8 September 2008

Hunk of the Week, Felipe Torretta

Those guys at Terra never fail, do they? 21 year old Felipe Torretta is the boy this month, he's from Tucuruí in Brazil, loves Sushi (nobody's perfect) and likes listening to "Black Music"... whatever that is. I guess they're paying him to look pretty, not to be politically correct -- and he sure is pretty! He stands 6'2" tall, weighs 77kg, and just look at that body! Felipe says that his biggest flaw is laziness, and his best quality is... persistance? I know I don't only speak for myself when I say that my favourite quality of Felipe's is his love of showing off, wearing as little as possible.

As ever with The Boy, you can find more pictures of Felipe here, as well as free wallpapers, posters, and videos, or check out other boys.


Simon said...

I'd eat him all day every day!

Mima said...

I want this guy for christmas!